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Lifeedge Labs at 22 WestEdge

Category: Community, Leasing Author: Holly Clayson Date: 02/21/22

WestEdge is a master planned, mixed use innovation district containing 587 residences, 100,000 square feet of retail and 155,000 square feet of Class “A” office and life science space. Leveraging the resources of the Medical University, the Innovation Alliance and the South Carolina Research Authority, WestEdge is the hub of life science activity in Charleston and, accessing the unique mix of office, meeting and lab resources of Studio 22, Lifeedge Labs and the Harbour Club, WestEdge offers “plug and play” facility options for both emerging and existing life science companies who need a state-of-the art facility to take their discoveries to the next phase. And, with stunning views over the Ashley River and easy access to Charleston’s abundant restaurants and amenities, it’s an easy place to recruit the requisite workforce.

Lifeedge Labs is a collaborative laboratory environment designed as a launchpad for high-potential entrepreneurs in life sciences and biotech startups. The Labs offer fully equipped and professionally-operated laboratory and office space with a significant amount of the necessary services and support that early-stage companies need to begin laboratory operations from day one. The Labs are intellectually and culturally enhanced with researchers participating in a rich collaborative community adjacent to the Medical University of South Carolina Discovery District.

To support the research labs, Lifeedge Labs will also contain fully furnished workspaces, offices, conference rooms, and huddle spaces, along with kitchen access, complimentary beverages, bike storage and lockers. The research labs will be designed to meet NIH standards for laboratories, including both shared and dedicated BSL-2 lab space by the bench or by exclusive area. Lab equipment support space will include autoclaves, sterilizers, freezers, dishwashers, biosafety cabinets, and more. A range of flexible modular ‘plug and play’ laboratory benching will be available and can be configured on a per tenant basis to best serve needs. Laboratories will accommodate chemical fume hoods, flammable/acid storage cabinets, safety showers, and eye wash as required to comply with Biosafety Level-2 requirements.

To support the labs, centralized chemical storage will be located adjacent to loading dock (with access to a dedicated freight elevator) and additional mechanical and equipment space (the utility infrastructure) will be available for each tenant. In addition, Lifeedge Labs will have the ability to add ‘point of use’ laboratory vacuum, compressed air, RO H2O; along with DI skid and distribution, vacuum systems and pH systems. Each lab will be supplied with electrical infrastructure to support 8 watts per square feet, and LED lighting with energy-efficient controls will be available throughout the floor. Outdoor air for the 6th floor will be provided at up to 6 air changes per hour to all laboratory space for a 50%/50% lab/office mix and all code-required ventilation/make-up air to office and amenity space. Fume hood exhaust air is exhausted by high-plume dilution fans located on the roof.

An automatic combination standpipe system and riser will be located in each stairwell and equipped with a dedicated sprinkler control assembly for future tenant connections. The base building’s fire protection system can support Light and Ordinary Hazard classifications suitable for future tenant research and development, laboratory, and office uses, with a 40%/60% office/lab split. Dry system protection and associated controls are provided in the loading dock and structured parking areas. The central Fire Command Center is located on the first floor. An addressable notifier fire alarm system with ADA-compliant audio-visual devices is tied back to the Fire Command Center.

Multiple waste and vent risers connected to the base building sanitary waste system are provided to support future tenant connections. High-efficiency plumbing fixtures throughout. Triplex domestic water pressure booster pumps distribute domestic water to building core and dedicated tenant domestic water risers. Tenant domestic water risers have taps for future tenant connections, and water heaters are provided to support base building restroom and janitorial needs. Mechanical space is provided on each floor for tenant potable hot water systems and process equipment, and point of use acid dilution will be available for tenants.

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