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WestEdge Permit Applications

Category: News Author: Rhiannon D’Angelo Date: 07/06/19

The trajectory of increasing tide levels forces us to make challenging choices, like the elimination of the tidal ditch some are calling Gadsden Creek. We must face these choices with clear eyes and a commitment to long-term resilience.

WestEdge has worked extensively with civil and environmental engineers, land planners, the City, government regulators at ACOE and SC-DHEC, the Westside Neighborhood, community representatives, land conservationists like the Open Space Institute, and environmental advocates like SC-Coastal Conservation League and Charleston Waterkeeper. Together we are designing solutions that can protect and enhance the Ashley River watershed and reduce flooding impacts.

If granted permits by state regulators and the Army Corps of Engineers to stop detrimental tidal impacts and continue the development’s positive momentum, WestEdge will be able to invest in environmental and stormwater improvements that are enforceable commitments in our permit application.

As outlined in the attached permits, work would include:

  • Converting the tidal area along Hagood into a landscaped 1-acre freshwater basin to better manage stormwater;
  • Over 20 acres of tidal marsh wetlands will be restored and enhanced upstream along the Ashley River to mitigate for the elimination of the trash-filled ditch;
  • New subsurface infrastructure will connect parts of Gadsden Green and Ashton Street to the Spring Fishburne deep tunnel; and
  • Stormwater collected within WestEdge will be isolated from landfill contaminants and conveyed to the Ashley River.

A complete compendium of the detailed analysis and proposed investments included in the full documents already submitted for the permits is available here: WestEdge Permit Documentation.

We invite all to read the full documentation to be better informed about this challenging situation and the improvements being offered.