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The Vibe of Discovery

Category: News Author: Dean Foster Date: 05/08/15

WestEdge debuted this week as Charleston, S.C.’s “Discovery District,” a new community connected to the vibe of the city’s West Side and designed as global center for research.

Location sets the tone for the WestEdge heartbeat. The site fronts the Ashley River along Lockwood Boulevard, Fishburne Street, Hagod Avenue to Spring Street. The community is a public / private venture that includes The City of Charleston, The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), The MUSC Foundation and HPF, Inc.

Formerly known as the “Horizon Project” during its planning stages, this “live, learn, earn” community is planned as an innovative health and life sciences research environment. Living, working and social spaces are connected by wide, urbane avenues of residences, offices, research and lab space, storefronts, restaurants and some of the best waterfront views on the peninsula.

The design of WestEdge is described as an everyday experience of “Second Sunday on King,” where pedestrians, shoppers and businesses take center stage instead of vehicles. A central “spine” avenue designed 80-feet wide will accommodate sidewalk cafes, room for pedestrians, bikes and meeting places for colleagues to share ideas.

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Full Press Release: WestEdge Launched as World Class Research Community to Help Advance Economic Future of Charleston, SC.