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LED Streetlights at WestEdge Set to Save 30% More Energy

Category: News Author: Rhiannon D’Angelo Date: 10/23/19

Partnership between WestEdge, Dominion Energy & City brings emerging technology to the peninsula

Charleston, SC (October 23, 2019) – As part of the WestEdge development’s focus on bringing emerging technologies and state of the art facilities to the peninsula, the neighborhood has partnered with Dominion Energy and the City of Charleston to install LED streetlights set to save 30% more energy than traditional light fixtures. WestEdge is the first municipal project in Charleston to use the progressive smart lighting, having already installed 71 light fixtures as part of the first phase of development.

In addition to the streetlights’ aesthetic and energy efficient qualities, they also contribute to the overall safety of the neighborhood. The LED product spreads the light further than traditional fixtures, while creating a clearer, crisper light, more conducive to the neighborhood’s walkable campus and the clarity of any security camera footage in the area.

“Innovation is at the core of what WestEdge has been built on, so it only makes sense that our neighborhood’s details demonstrate a commitment to the future,” said Michael Maher, CEO of The WestEdge Foundation, Inc. “Not only will these LED lights help to lessen our carbon footprint, they’re cost efficient and set to last 7-10 years, compared with just 2-3 years for high pressure sodium lights. We are also pleased with how their design complements the particular style of WestEdge.”

Part of Eaton’s “Streetworks” line, utilizing the product was also a first for Dominion. But with the flexibility of the the energy company’s LED program, they were able to work in tandem with WestEdge and the City of Charleston to bring in a light not usually standard to Dominion’s energy system, but which fit the needs of the forward-thinking development.

We’re always excited when a project like this comes together,” said Danny Kassis, Vice President of Customer Relations and Renewables for Dominion Energy. “These assets will deliver safe, smart and affordable lighting to WestEdge residents for years to come. This is a great example of how sustainable, full-service lighting solutions can provide a unique value to the customers and municipalities we serve. It’s a perfect match.”

 The LED streetlights also boast enhanced reliability, with built-in technology set to indicate when a light may fail and generate a work queue remotely.

To learn more about WestEdge, visit http://www.westedgecharleston.com/ or follow the development’s progress on Twitter @westedgechs, Facebook @westedgecharleston, and Instagram @westedgechs.

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WestEdge is a 60-acre master-planned development growing into a community of world-class office and lab space, beautiful apartment towers, restaurants, and retail shopping linked together by sweeping views and access to the Ashley River and Brittlebank Park. Key 22 WestEdge partners include Gateway Development (Developer) ELV Associates (Investor), BB&T (Lender), Trident Construction (General Contractor), Perkins & Will (Architect), Thomas and Hutton (Civil Engineer), and Lee & Associates (Marketing & Leasing).

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